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Smarter English

Scritto da Autori vari il 10 Ottobre 2018.

Smarter English
Dal 3 al 7 settembre 2018 il nostro istituto ha offerto l'opportunità di una full immersion "in inglese". 38 studenti hanno aderito all'iniziativa che è stata collaudata così per la prima volta.
Gli studenti hanno collaborato con noi quattro esperti madrelingua, con persone provenienti da zone diverse del Regno Unito (Scozia, Irlanda, Londra e Birmingham) e ciò ha permesso a tutti di interagire con parlanti di accento diverso.
Nonostante il caldo di quelle mattinate nessuno si è lamentato delle quattro ore in inglese giornaliere! Le attività sono state sempre coinvolgenti e tutti i partecipanti hanno manifestato entusiasmo.

Quattro studenti hanno avuto l’opportunità di  un approfondimento culturale anche in famiglia, perché hanno ospitato gli insegnanti
Qui di seguito alcune impressioni ... rigorosamente in inglese!

prof.ssa E.Zamperetti

4CU - Sara,Francesca,Anna,Greta,Petra,Sara B,Valentina,Laura.
We definitely think you should try the English course with Smarter English
Why’ ? it is a great experience to interact with real English teachers and you have the opportunity to learn and improve your English having fun with pretty nice activities.
It isn’t a boring course, in fact you will enjoy a lot of different activities.
Learning and speaking English is something important for everybody and through this course, you have a better chance to improve.
2BU - Giorgia Bandiziol
The Smarter English experience is very beautiful. The lessons  with an English teacher  was very useful, the teachers are very friendly. I enriched my culture. I recommend this project because it is very beautiful and useful.

2BU - Isabella Danieli
I think that this experience we made in the first week of September can help us to know English better and since the teachers could not speak Italian, it was difficult to communicate with them but very helpful. The activities and the games were interesting and well taught out. If I must give a vote from 1 to 10, I’ll give 10!!

2BU - Nicola Buiatti
Smarter English was an interesting, funny, intriguing and not boring course. The teachers were mother tongue and they were very nice, they helped us every time if we had a problem. Even the class was beautiful, and the classmates were friendly. All the days of the week we had funny lessons, pronunciation training and grammar workout. We took a picture with the teachers to immortalize the course!
2CL - Mila
The Smarter English project was a really pretty experience.
I got to know some new people from our school and we really enjoyed our classes! They were fun and the teachers seemed very friendly-
2CL - Emma
It was very useful and I really enjoyed participating! The teachers were kind, fun and understanding. I’d like to repeat the experience next year!
2DL - Andrea
The English course was very interesting, educational because I could learn from three different British accents. I had a lot of fun with all the activities that the mother tongue teachers made us do, then I met other people from our school  and now these people are my friends and best friends.
The teachers made us learn by letting us play and I find it is a very nice teaching method.

2DU . Blasi Irene
“Smarter English” is a project in which we spoke English for one week.
Everyday there were five hours and two breaks about 15 minutes each. There were four teachers that changed every hour, one for vocabulary, one for grammar, one for conversation and one for various activities.
My favourite teacher was the conversation one because during her lessons we were divided into couples to speak of a topic that she had chosen.
Everything was organized very well, and all the teachers tried to help us always, just by speaking in English!!
Then the students who had a free room at home could host a teacher. I gave hospitality to Emily, so I spoke in English also at home and it was very exciting!!!
I suggest it to everybody, even to those who already know English very well!!!
5CL - Vittoria, Alessandra e Diana
Some of our school friends and us partecipated to a language project, called "Smarter English", that lasted from 7th to 13th Semptember. We had lessons from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. . Each lesson lasted one hour and a half with teachers exchanging. We had different classes depending on our English level. Each class was composed of students coming from different classes. This was a good thing because we could meet unknown students and mingle. So we had many things to speak about in English to know each other. During the lessons we spoke about grammar features in a very enjoyable way, so different from regular school classes. The teachers made us play different games like taboo or kahoot. We really enjoyed the experience, it was very similar to the ones we had abroad. We would like to do it again and we think it is a very useful experience which we really recommend to other students, even because we spent an unusual and very pleasant week.

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