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A trip to London

Scritto da Chiara Daneluzzo, 5BS il 06 Settembre 2010.

A trip to London

In our school we travel a lot and we organize many trips abroad because we want to know different places and cultures.This is also one of the reasons why we chose Marco Belli High School.
The class 5BS, for its last school trip, went to London from 02.03.10 till 07.03.10. We were accompanied by our English and Social-science teachers, Ms Lorenzon and Mr Baltieri. We departed from Italy from Treviso airport,on Tuesday evening. It was the first time a lot of us had travelled by plane , and we felt very excited and at the same time very scared. When we arrived in London, we were full of emotions; during the trip to the hotel, although we were very sleepy, the lights of the buildings and the beautiful view of London Bridge helped us to stay awake. When we arrived at the hotel, we slept like logs, because the next day our adventure was going to start.
A thing that we wanted to do was to eat an English breakfast, but at the hotel we only ate toast with nutella or jam and drank milk and coffee. I hope that, whoever goes to London, will try an English breakfast: they are out of this world!
On the first day, we visited a lot of museums: out of all of them, we preferred the Natural History Museum, which is an enormous and contains a lot of interesting things, lifesize skeletons of dinosaurs, fossil marine reptiles, a giant sequoia, a room full of minerals and a very important proof of evolutionism. Then we did a long and relaxing walk in Hyde Park, which is one of the largest parks in London; there was a lot of wind, and it was freezing cold, but we made it!! We arrived at Harrods, the most famous department store, in the where you can find everything you desire! It is like a wonderland! In the evening we visited Piccadilly Circus, which is one of the most beautiful and famous squares in the entire world, second only to Trafalgar Square.

On the second day we visited Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament and luckily we could enter one of the Houses and watch a discussion! It was interesting, but really long, so we went out and we went to see the Changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, where the Queen lives, but, although we arrived in time, there was no Changing of the guards at all!! So we went to see Gordon Brown’s house, at 10 Downing Street , but we were too far away to see it well. While we were walking to St. James’s Palace, we saw Camilla’s car!!!! We visited Convent Garden, a place where there are a lot of restaurants and shops, and, in the afternoon, we visited the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery, where there were a lot of portraits of famous families, such as the Tudor Dynasty.
In the end, we went to Oxford Circus for shopping: we bought a lot of clothes, shoes and cute accessories, concluding the evening with a relaxing walk along the South Bank,by the River Thames.
What we enjoyed the most on the third day was the boat trip on the Thames, after seeing the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. This is the most beautiful bridge I have ever seen: it is really big and overwhelming. Then, after crossing the Millennium Bridge, we saw The Globe theatre. Is is the reconstruction of Shakespeare’s original theatre. The British Museum disappointed all of us because a majority of it was closed, and we wanted to see more! At least, our teachers let us go shopping in Oxford Street, so we were happy even though it was really an intense day,but , tired like the days before, we returned to the Hotel using the Tube.On the last day, we walked through a lot of markets, such as Camden Town and Portobello Market, where there were a lot of different things, and there we bought our souvenirs. In the end, we were really satisfied about how the week had been: we enjoyed ourselves a lot and we saw all what we wanted to see. Unfortunately, we could only stay there for five days, and to see London you must have more time. We think that this is a good excuse to go there again !!
Bye Bye London, and see you soon!

“When a man is tired of London he is tired of life” .
Samuel Johnson

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